Tatar identity: current state and perspectives

R.S. Khakimov

242-252 p.

Identity processes take place in different sociopolitical conditions and depend upon their contexts. Since the social crisis and the associated identity crisis, Russian society has been faced with the task of forming a new common country identity that reflects the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional character of its inhabitants. The formation of ethnic identity among Tatars is likewise taking place in a new environment constituted by globalization, a shift to bilingualism, and the revival of religions and traditions. Ethnic identity coexists with a number of other important identities. Efforts to form ethnic identity should be directed at the formation of its positive aspects so as to ensure the development of the Tatar nation and interethnic stability in the country and the region. Further study of ethnic identity should be conducted by sociologists, historians, and ethnologists.

Keywords: ethnic identity, Russia, Tatars, Tatarstan


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About the author: Rafael S. Khakimov is a Doctor of Science (History), Director of Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (TAS), VicePresident of TAS and Academician at TAS (Entrance 5, Kremlin, Kazan 420014, Russian Federation);

Received 20.07.2016   Accepted for publication 18.10.2016

Published Online 17.11.2017