Educational and pedagogical work of Muzafar Mush¬tariev (on occasion of the 155th anniversary)

A.M. Safina

312–318 p. 10.22378/he.2018-3-2.312-318

The heritage of educators at the turn of the 19th–21st centuries is one of the important trends in contemporary historical research. The main area of their educational work was the reform of the educational system. Muzafar Mushtariev occupies a special place among the Tatar pedagogy educators. He dedicated his life to sharing the best ideas and knowledge. For various reasons, educator M. Mushtariev’s contribution has not been thoroughly and sufficiently studied. The presented paper assesses the educational and pedagogical activities of M. Mushtariev and highlihts his pedagogical contribution to the development of the Tatar national educational system in late 19th – early 20th centuries in Russia and other foreign countries. Based upon data from the archival documents of the National Archive of the Republic Tatarstan fund and various research articles, pedagogical and educational work of the scholar has been examined in detail.

Keywords: educator, Russian-Tatar school, teacher, pedagogical work, training, boys school, girls school, Tatar language, Russian language, education.

For citation: Safina A.M. Educational and pedagogical work of Muzafar Mush¬tariev (on occasion of the 155th anniversary). Istoricheskaya etnologiya – Historical Ethnology, 2018, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 312–318. DOI: 10.22378/he.2018-3-2.312-318


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About the author: Аliya M. Safina is a Candidate of Science (Philology), Research Fellow, the Center of History and Theory of National Education, Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (7A, Baturin St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);