Problems of moral education of children in G. Akhmarov’s primer “Torki Alifba” (“Turkic primer”)

Galiullina D.M.

274-283 p. 10.22378/he.2019-4-2.274-283

The article discusses G. Akhmarov’s primer “Torki alifba” (“Turkic Alifba”) as a historical source on the history of Tatar pedagogical thought and the history of childhood. The texts are also studied in relation to the problems of moral education of the adolescent generation. It also examines G. Akhmarov’s methodological guide “Lifb of cataplana tncy” (“Criticism of ABC books”). In tht work the author criticizes the primers of H. Zabiri, Sh. Tahiri, G. Muslimov, etc. However, criticism begins with H. Maksudi’s primer “Mogallim auval”, whoch was most commonly used in schools. Therefore, particular attention is paid to this primer in the work. In 1910, G. Akhmarov published the primer “Torki alifba”. In this regard, a discussion broke out between H. Maksudi and G. Akhmarov on the pages of the newspaper “Yoldyz”, which reveals not only the relationship of these outstanding personalities, but also their attitude to school education and moral education. Also, a comparative analysis of the texts of two alphabets has been conducted. The content of the texts is different. G. Ahmarov prefers texts of small volume and his primer is of more secular nature than “Mallim VL”. In the primer H. Maksudi has many bright, interesting texts, including religious ones. Despite the differences, the authors of the ABC-books set themselves one goal – to teach children to read and write in their native language. Indeed, the goal was achieved; these primers were used in schools until the revolution of 1917.

Keywords: “Torki Alifba”, “Yoldyz”, “Mogallim auval”, culture, history, source, jadidism, morality, education.

For citation: Galiullina D.M. Problems of moral education of children in G. Akhmarov’s primer “Torki Alifba” (“Turkic primer”). Istoricheskaya etnologiya – Historical Ethnology, 2019, vol


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About the author: Dilyara M. Galiullina is a Candidate of Sciense (History), Associate Professor of the Department of Russian History, Institute of International Relations, Kazan Federal University (44, Levobulachnaya St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);