New Tatar cemetery of Kazan as a site of historical and cultural heritage

Nоgmanov A.I.

58-67 p. 10.22378/he.2020-5-1.58-67

Historical necropolises are an important part of the cultural heritage. They represent the connection of different generations and are designed to record, store, and broadcast the collective memory of significant events and individuals for society. The article highlights the main moments of the history of the New Tatar cemetery of Kazan which has performed the function of the national Tatar Pantheon since the early 20th century. The author raises questions about giving the necropolis the status of a complex cultural heritage site, the need for its scientific study, as well as using it for cultural and educational purposes.

Keywords: historical-cultural heritage, New Tatar cemetery, Kazan, Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, Novo-Tatarskaya Sloboda, historical necropolises, historical memory

For citation: Nоgmanov A.I. New Tatar cemetery of Kazan as a site of historical and cultural heritage. Istoricheskaya etnologiya – Historical Ethnology, 2020, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 58–67. DOI: 10.22378/he.2020-5-1.58-67


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About the author: Aydar I. Nogmanov is a Candidate of Science (History), Head of the Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Tatarstan, Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (7A, Baturin St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);