Rizaeddin Fakhreddin’s Articles in “Shura” Magazine regarding to Religious and National Clothing

Miftakhov I.G.

254-268 p.

doi.org: 10.22378/he.2020-5-2.254-268

This paper analyzes the articles, statements of the famous scientist, theologian, writer, and journalist Rizaeddin Fakhreddin named “About Clothes”. The article was published in the “Shura” magazine, where he worked as editor-in-chief. In his articles, Fakhreddin deeply analyzes the religious, national, economic, and medical aspects of clothing. The study examines such issues as the presence or absence of special clothing for Muslims, clothing of other nationalities and religions. Fakhreddin tries to explain that clothing does not have a sacred connotation according to Islamic theology and notes that it only affects a person’s character and behavior. Fakhreddin's articles say that there is no special attire prescribed by Islam for the clergy and that each nation has its clothing in accordance with climatic conditions and customs. Rizaeddin Fakhreddin emphasizes that theologians (‘ulama’) and clergy should be distinguished from everyone else by their excellent knowledge and high ethics, and not by their outer dress. Nevertheless, the clergy should wear clothes that people consider religious; for example, among the Tatars, such clothes are Turban and Chapan. He had a strong position concerning the preservation of national clothing, emphasizing its need for a nation and noticing its relevance for all times. In his opinion, it is not possible to preserve the national costume through sermons from the pulpits of mosques, articles in newspapers and magazines. In this matter, the primary responsibility in preserving national dresses lies on those people who produce and distribute national clothes. These articles by Rizaeddin Fakhreddin on the preservation of national clothing are an essential source for studying the Tatars’ daily life and the attitude of the Jadids regarding clothing at the beginning of the XX century.

Keywords: Rizaeddin Fakhreddin, Tatars, Shura magazine, National and religious clothing, beginning of XX century, Islam

For citation: Miftakhov I.G. Rizaeddin Fäkhreddinneñ «Shura» zhurnalyndagy dini һäm milli kiem belän bäyle mäkaläläre [Rizaeddin Fakhreddin’s Articles in “Shura” Magazine regarding to Religious and National Clothing]. Istoricheskaya etnologiya, 2020, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 254–268. https://doi.org/10.22378/he.2020-5-2.254-268


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About the author: İlias Miftakhov is a Master’s degree student of History of Islam at Ankara University (Emniyet mahallaһ, 6A Dögol Cd., 06560 Yenimahalle, Ankara, Turkey); dajbog12@gmail.com

Received July 22, 2020   Accepted for publication November 02, 2020

Published Online November 27, 2020