Policy of the journal

The scientific periodical journal Historical Ethnology (Istoricheskaya etnologiya) has been published since 2016.The objective of the journal – is to form the new standards of research of social dynamics and social changes in ethnic phenomena, with due regard for international practices, to foster establishing historical ethnology as an independent scientific discipline in Russia; to introduce modern studies by Russian and international authors, conduct reviews of research monographs and academic publications, and inform the professional community about the new research projects in the given field of scholarly knowledge; to engage young scholars in studying the evolution and transformation of ethnical cultures.

The journal is a specialized scholarly periodical. It publishes materials which represent the current state of the research in the area of studying social organization forms of ethnical differences in terms of the historical evolution and from the perspective of contemporary.

The priority topics include the following: identity as an essential category of socio-cultural coalitions of people and groups; specific strategies of individuals as social action agents, goals they are guided by in everyday life, and behavior forms; traditional structures and institutes of functioning and their changes in the process of adapting to external influence. Besides, materials in allied disciplines – ethnography, anthropology, sociology, pedagogy, religious studies and other fields, which may be relevant to ethnologists, are also published.

The journal focuses on the Turkic world and Tatars and its integral part. This community appears as a particular, complex and highly-developed centuries-old civilization with its traditions, interests and values. Studying it as a research subject may be considered as a certain model for generalizations, since the Turks, with all their uniqueness, bear certain universal characteristics as well.

The target audience of the journal includes scholars, university professors, government officials, expert community, graduate students, and anyone who takes interest in historical ethnology.

The Historical Ethnology journal implements open access policy. Users have access to the full text version of the journal free of charge.

Open access to the journal’s archive is available on its website http://historicalethnology.org and on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library www.elibrary.ru.

All the materials presented in the journal are protected by copyright (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). The journal does not charge any fees for submission, editing, and publication. Author’s fees are not offered.

All the articles published in the journal undergo a check for the level of originality and the amount of borrowed fragments using the Antiplagiat automated detection systems.