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Tatar ethnopedagogy and native language

G.Т. Khayrullin

146-157 p.

Every nation in the process of historical development creates a certain system of national education. The study of the history and theory of national education is called ethnopedagogy. The central idea of national education is the formation of the ideal human personality within а system of certain personal characteristics. This article discusses the characteristics of the ideal person in Tatar ethnopedagogy. These characteristics are compared to similar ideal images of the human personality with morals prevalent in Islam and other world religions. National education is impossible without use of native languages. The language of any nation represents all humankind’s cultural heritage and a necessary condition for the existence of the nation for whom it is considered native. The author considers the ideal human personality as manifested in Tatar language, folklore, and literature. He also examines the role of the Tatar language in the development of national education and the importance of native languages for education. He analyzes the language policies of several multinational states, including the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, with regards to preserving of minority languages.

Keywords: ethnopedagogy, ideal human personality, national education, native language, Tatars


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About the author: Grif T. Khayrullin – Doctor of Science (Pedagogy), Professor, «Turan» University (16–18, Satpayev st., Almaty 050013, Republic of Kazakhstan);

Received 15.06.2016   Accepted for publication 06.10.2016

Published Online 17.11.2017