The everyday life of a Tatar industrialist in the first half of the XIX century (based on the example of Mukmin Khozyaseitov

R.R. Salikhov

313-327 p.

Using a wide range of archival documents, the author analyzed the history of the private life and industrial activities of a Tatar businessman from Kazan Province. The researcher presented a reconstruction of the everyday life of the entrepreneur: his daily routine at home and work. The author reviewed his family history, as well as his interpersonal relationships with family members, business partners and subordinates.

Keywords: business history, everyday life history, family history, history of private life, history of Tatar merchants, interiors of Tatars’ homes, Kazan Province, Sluzhilaja Ura


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About the author: Radik R. Salikhov is a Doctor of Science (History), Deputy Director for Research at Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (TAS), Academician at TAS (Entrance 5, Kremlin, Kazan 420014, Russian Federation);

Received 19.07.2016   Accepted for publication 17.10.2016

Published Online 17.11.2017