The Republic of Tatarstan in the conditions of 2000s economic crises: strategies and results of the measures taken by the local government

Garayeva A.M.

435-449 p. 10.22378/he.2020-5-3.435-449

The article assigns an objective to identify the particular aspects of the actions taken by the government of the Republic of Tatarstan to solve the problems of the socio-economic creses of the 2000s. A special attention is given to the analysis of the current situation in the region in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and some acute phenomena in the republic's economy in the second quarter of 2020. At the time under discussion, society showed demand in quick and timely socio-economic support from the state. A package of federal measures is being adopted to render assistance to various market participants. The Center provided opportunities for the regions to make decisions based on the local situation, which allowed them to take independent steps in this direction. Such mechanism was not applied during the crises of 2008 and 2015, while the measures of that time were not as transparent as today. To compare the strategies of the Tatarstan Government aimed at stabilizing the socio-economic situation in the republic in the context of the three crises, the article refers to documents for the period of 2009–2020, which are publicly available on the website of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic, and the data of the socio-economic situation in Tatarstan from the Federal State Statistics Service for 2019–2020.

Keywords: socio-economic policy, human capital, government support measures, COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis, Republic of Tatarstan

For citation: Garayeva A.M. Respublika Tatarstan v usloviyakh ekonomicheskikh krizisov 2000-kh godov: strategii i nekotorye rezul'taty deystviy mestnogo pravitel'stva [The Republic of Tatarstan in the conditions of 2000s economic crises: strategies and results of the measures taken by the local government]. Istoricheskaya etnologiya, 2020, vol. 5, no. 3, pp. 435–449.


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About the author: Alsu M. Garayeva is Cand. Sc. (Sociology), Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Ethnological Research, Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (7A Baturin St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);

Received July 26, 2020   Accepted for publication November 02, 2020

Published Online November 28, 2020