The kind of genius, history of Tatars never knew before” (“Vakyt” newspaper about Sh. Marjani’s anniversary)

L.R. Murtazina

319–325 p. 10.22378/he.2018-3-2.319-325

The article analyzes publications dedicated to the anniversary of the outstanding Tatar enlightener and scholar Shigabutdin Marjani, which were published in the newspaper “Vakyt” (“Time”). Articles that reveal Marjani’s biography and his scholarly, pedagogical and social activities are discussed in the paper. The question of preparing and conducting the anniversary of the scholar is discussed. The materials devoted to the perpetuation of Marjani’s name and his scientific heritage are of particular interest. The study of the given publications makes it possible to present the role and place of Sh. Marjani in the Turkic-Tatar and Muslim world at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Keywords: Shigabutdin Marjani, Tatar press, “Vakyt” newspaper, anniversary, perpetuation of memory

For citation: Murtazina L.R. “The kind of genius, history of Tatars never knew before” (“Vakyt” newspaper about Sh. Marjani’s anniversary). Istoricheskaya etnolo¬giya – Historical Ethnology, 2018, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 319–325. DOI: 10.22378/he.2018-3-2.319-325


  1. Välidi Ç. Ismägyjl bäk Gasprinskij [Ismail bey Gasprinskiy]. VakytTime. 1914. September 14. (In Tatar)
  2. Välidi Ç. Märçani [Marjani]. VakytTime. 1914. April 18. (In Tatar)
  3. Gasprinskij isemenä yadkyar [The Memory of Gasprinskiy] VakytTime. 1914. December 13. (In Tatar)
  4. Märçani yubilee [Marjani’s Anniversary] VakytTime. 1914. April 18. (In Tatar)
  5. Fähretdin R. Ismägyjl bäk Gasprinskij [Ismail bey Gasprinskiy] VakytTime. 1914. September 13. (In Tatar)
  6. Sһiһabetdin häzrät yubilee [Shigabutdin hazrat’s Anniversary]. VakytTime. 1914. September 23. (In Tatar)
  7. Sһiһabetdin häzrät Märçani köne [The Day of Shigabutdin hazrat Marjani]. VakytTime.1915. January 9. (In Tatar)
  8. Sһiһab häzrät Märçani çänablarynyñ yubilee mäsäläsendä dair [To the question of Shigabutdin Marjani hazrat’s anniversary]. Idel Idel. 1912. February 21. (In Tatar)
  9. Yаña gyna basylyp chygyp … [Just released]. VakytTime. 1915. June 5. (In Tatar)

About the author: Lyalya R. Murtazina is a Candidate of Science (Pedagogy), Leading Research Fellow, the Center of History and Theory of National Education, Sh. Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (7A, Baturin St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);