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Scholar Rabiga Afzalovna Khakimova: Academic Work and Life Path

Bagautdinova Kh.Z.

132–140 p. 10.22378/he.2021-6-1.132-140

The article highlights the life and scientific and pedagogical work of the outstanding Tatar linguist, associate professor, founder of the department of the Tatar Language and Literature of Kazan State University, Khakimova Rabiga Afzalovna. R.A. Khakimova worked her way up from a rural teacher to an associate professor at university. For many years of work she was awarded with medals and signs of honour. She knew German, Russian, Bashkir and Tatar languages well, as well as she could also communicate in Kazakh and Kyrgyz. R.A. Khakimova completed her postgraduate studies at the Institute of Linguistics of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow and defended her Ph.D. thesis. The article provides a list of some of the published academic works of the scholar. Khakimova Rabiga Afzalovna was actively involved in the political work, due to which she had to receive reprimands. All of that became an obstacle to a happy family life. The article also analyzes the work of the Tatar Language and Literature Department in the period from 1944 to 1951. An excerpt from the work of Professor Khatip Guzman “Formation of a new specialty”, which has been kept in the N.I. Lobachevsky library of Kazan University, provides information about the teachers who worked during those years, as well as about the students. On May 9, 1951 R.A. Khakimova was dismissed for health grounds. Unfortunately, the obstacles that arose in the scholar’s life left their mark: Rabiga Afzalovna’s health deteriorated dramatically, which caused her sudden death.

Keywords: Khakimova Rabiga Afzalovna, autobiography, department of the Tatar language and literature

For citation: Bagautdinova Kh.Z. Galimӓ Hӓkimova Rabiga Afzalovna: tormysh yuly һӓm eshchӓnlege [Scholar Rabiga Afzalovna Khakimova: Academic Work and Life Path]. Istoricheskaya etnologiya, 2021, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 132–140.


Zamaletdinov R.R., Khabutdinova M.M. Istoriya sozdaniya otdeleniya tatarskogo yazyka i literatury v Kazanskom universitete v vospominaniyakh prepodavateley i pervykh studentov [The History of Founding the Tatar language and Literature Department at Kazan University in the Memoirs of Teachers and First Students]. Tatarica, 2018, №1 (10), pp. 91–112.
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About the author: Khalida Z. Bagautdinova, Research Fellow, Department of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Tatarstan, Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (7A Baturin St., Kazan 420111, Russian Federation);

Received September 22, 2020   Accepted for publication March 22, 2021

Published Online April 21, 2021